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Infinite Global Wealth Investment - About

Infinite Global Wealth Investment (IGWI) in Hong Kong has a team of professionals located in our office in Hong Kong and sub-branch offices in Shanghai, China and Lome, Togo, with numerous global partners. 


As experts in one of the leading emerging market--Africa, its increasingly diverse economy attracts companies of local, regional and international.  We currently offer the following key services: Strategic Communications, Economic & Financial Consulting, Import & Export Consulting and Government Infrastructure Development Consulting.  Our team has a broad range of experience and has provided solutions to clients in a number of key sectors: Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications, Mining, Petroleum & Chemicals, Agriculture, Transportation and much more.


At IGWI, we also believe startups and entrepreneurs have the potential to change the world.  Our entrepreneurial consulting clients include success-motivated small and medium sized businesses that are planning for future ownership transitions.  Our work has enabled our clients to make critical business decisions and transition to new levels of success. We work with our clients to develop business plans that make sense relative to their market opportunities and competition.


We help clients identify options to expand their revenues through strategies designed to increase sales or identify acquisition opportunities.  We assist our clients in positioning their businesses for longer-term acquisition. We help our clients deal with increasing business complexity due to growth or the need for a turnaround.

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Media & Technology
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Renewable Energy
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Industrial & Business Services
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Energy Plant
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Real Estate
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